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BlackJack Grass Root Level Basics

Would you prefer on losing tons of blackjack games and learning the same very basic rules which you can learn after going through this article? Of course a potential player of sound mind would like to save his money for major bets and prefer to read something useful.

The very basic idea of blackjack revolves around the famous number called, '21'. The player has to come as close to number 21 as possible without tipping over / busting. With this thing cleared let is move on to higher grounds and understand the basic essentials of blackjack.

You will be playing against the dealer and not against other players sitting in the semi circle around you. So there can be like 6 to 8 players at a time in a semi circle, scratching their hair and cursing under their lips for losing their sweet money.

The game starts with two cards being dealt to you and the dealer's card will have one face up and other one will be a hole card. In basic terminology, you have to clear the concept of when to hit, stand or just surrender but some blackjack modules don't let you surrender.

Now depending upon your luck and skill you will have two types of hands (one at a time), a hard hand which means you don't have any ace in it or a soft hand which means you have an ace in it. Point to be noted here is that if you prefer on standing then some casinos will not allow you to stand on any value as much as 15.

Some casinos follow old rules and they go against the dealer that he cannot stand if he has a 15 but you can stand even with a 15. In the end make it a point to clear any ambiguities before settling down on any table of blackjack. It will help you out a lot in the long run throughout your online gaming career.