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Andruchi Roulette System

Andruchi Roulette System is named after Mr. Andruchi, this system is somewhat new and is still unproven. This system has lots of greatness claims, but there are also some mathematical probabilities which might change your presumption towards or against the Andruchi Roulette System.

According to the Andruchi Roulette System, it is assumed that all the numbers on a roulette wheel, over a long duration of time will come out about the same number of times, and in shorter terns there will be some numbers that will come out regularly when compared to others. The Andruchi Roulette System's strategy is to bet on those numbers that come out frequently.

In the Andruchi Roulette System, what you can do initially is, without playing you can observe the numbers that are chosen in the extreme short term, marking those numbers that come up frequently. It might either be two different numbers, if such a situation occurs choose only one of them. What you have to do is place bets on that number for the next 30 spins and observe the results. If you observe that there are two numbers that come frequently, you can split bet on them instead of betting on them straight.

While you are applying the Andruchi Roulette System and going for the number that was chosen, you should place flat bets frequently for the next 30 spins. If it strikes, you are already a winner and are ahead of the game. While doing so you can choose another lucky or probable number, since you have been following the numbers all the time. Keeping track of the numbers doesn't take much effort and you can always use a pencil and a paper which is supplied by casinos.

The Andruchi Roulette System also suggests making outside bets, since they are risked on a group of numbers and even offer cash payouts. All you need to do is keep track of the number that comes frequently and place bets on them.